BringForth Corporate Program

Authentic Relationship-Based Communication Model for the High-Achieving Business Team


The purpose of the Authentic Relationship-Based Communication Model is to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, action oriented communication and goal based alignment in the dental team to reliably fulfill on practice goals and provide superb patient care.

Up-leveling performance capacity in a team requires introducing new distinctions and establishing new practices (habits). These distinctions and practices are detailed in the following 5 KEYS that advance communication exponentially and produce seamless team coordination that lead to achieving desired dental practice goals.

5 Keys to Accelerate Effectiveness in Business Teams

Communication Key #1
  • Create self-awareness and mastery for high performance under pressure
  • Learn to use the parasympathetic breath for focus and presence
Communication Key #2
  • Identify effective emotions that accelerate team productivity
  • Shift from debilitating emotional dispositions to taking empowered and inspired action
Communication Key #3
  • Transform dissatisfactions and breakdowns into action oriented requests
  • Develop rigor in making powerful, clear and effective requests
Communication Key #4
  • Cultivate a culture of listening that allows for compassion and decisive intervention simultaneously
  • Adopt a listening-for-concern-based engagement model that allows for co-creative problem solving
Communication Key #5
  • Create an entrepreneurial team environment by learning to make innovative offers vis-à-vis team members, patients and other stakeholders
  • Enhance team capacity by becoming self-initiating instead of being reactive
BringForth’s unique approach is founded in principles and practices that cultivate:
  • An ability to lead with respect versus fear
  • Effective discernment of priorities
  • Creative capacity in the individual, in teams as well as in organizations
  • Effective coordination employing a partnership model for relationships and teams
  • Effective synergy amongst the leaders of the enterprise
  • Focus in the face of fire
  • A leadership style derived from a place of power versus force (Emotional mastery & self-awareness)

BringForth uses a communication model that produces shifts on emotional and intellectual levels leading to greater effectiveness, improved performance and higher bottom line results.

Problems we solve:
  • Breakdown in communication between leadership and team
  • Disconnect between team lmembers
  • Lack of alignment on goals
  • Lack of commitment or presence at work
  • Disengagement
  • Disjointed work processes
  • Lack of organizational coordination resulting in missed opportunity
  • Personal agendas and work styles conflicting with the overall productivity of team or the company
  • Inconsistent work ethic
  • Poor attitude at work (mode of complaining)
  • Sense of lack of control of power
  • Missing work-life balance
  • Lack of productivity
  • Stagnation with the creative process
Results and shifts that we produce:
  • Inspiration & commitment
  • Presence & focus
  • Effective coordination employing a partnership model for relationships and teams
  • Maximized efficiency
  • Sense to win and being a contribution
  • Synergistic coordination and cooperation
  • Workplace engagement strategies
  • Co-creation & invention
  • Changing the relationship with oneself to experience power in relating with one’s work environment
  • Capacities to build, sustain and resolve with joy and peace

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